Adding custom view to spaces/dashboard

I am looking to attach my app to a space and want to use my custom view as the view to display. I have looked through the supporting documentation for custom views and it does say it’s not supported. However, there is some conflicting information and wondered if anyone has figured out a work around that will allow a custom view to be used on the spaces. 


Space/Thread bodies

The Custom view is not available for the Attach App function of Space/Thread bodies, and will not appear on the list of views for the App.


To attach the app record list, from “View”, select a view to be attached.
To attach a graph, from “Graph”, select a graph to be attached.


  • Calendar views cannot be attached to spaces or threads.
    When you select a calendar view, the view is displayed in the list view.
  • Views with “Custom view” specified for “Data format of records” cannot be attached.

The last one makes me believe that there is a way to have a custom view display in spaces, but I’m not sure what that might be. 

Hi David

Thanks for asking - the quick answer is no, you can’t attach Custom Views to bodies of Spaces and Threads.
To be more precise, you won’t be able to select a Custom View when you are attaching Apps to Spaces and Threads.
Any JavaScript or CSS that are attached to the Apps will also not run in the attached locations.

As the Help Docs were a bit misleading, I’ve asked our Doc team to update the wording to avoid confusion for future users. Thanks for your feedback!

That’s a bummer, wasn’t sure if there was a possible workaround by uploading a JS file to work on the Spaces area. 

Thanks for the information.