Conditional Dropdown values / SubCategories

Is there a js function to enable Conditional Drop-downs, or Sub-Categories?

For example, if I choose particular Product Category, say “Product Category A”, in an initial drop-down field, then the next drop-down field will only display the Product Types within Product Category A…so on.

Dear Dave.


I wish it could be narrowed down the Drop-downs field too.
but,I want to avoid to edit DOM nodes and attributes.
(The id/class attributes of each element used in kintone may be changed without any notice.)

then.I have a proposition.


using the RADIO_BUTTON value, app.record.edit.change &

you can open and close field group that contain the filtered dropdowns, 


A little different way to what you asked for, but this is virtually the same as what you want to do.(I think…)

see sample code below.



(function() {
    “use strict”;
    //check events through value of RADIO_BUTTON field
    var eventsSubmit = [‘’,
                        ‘app.record.edit.change.RADIO_BUTTON’];, function(e) {
        var record = e.record;
        var radioButtonValue = record.RADIO_BUTTON.value;
        //close all of Group field by Open Field Group API‘group_failure’, false);‘group_demand’, false);‘group_question’, false);‘group_other’, false);
        //switch open field group by value of RADIO_BUTTON field
        switch (radioButtonValue) {
            case “failure”:
      ‘group_failure’, true);
            case “group_demand”:
      ‘group_demand’, true);
            case “group_question”:
      ‘group_question’, true);
            case “group_other”:
      ‘group_other’, true);