Create Table from API

I would like to know is it possible to create a table (App) with cData JDBC Driver API?
I try to find it and see that it is possible to create table (App) with rest API (アプリの作成と設定変更の流れ - cybozu developer network), but it requires a lot of steps. I can't find anything related to create table with cData. If it can't create table, i would like to know the source. Thanks

Hello @Zaw_Lwin_Tun

While I'm not extensively versed in cData, I stumbled upon this page on their website that features articles on the bottom of the page related to it:

I'm uncertain if there's a specific article that outlines how to create a subtable using the driver, but it might be beneficial to peruse the resources if you haven't already.

thanks @Chris I have already read that documentation. Although I find out how to create Apps, I still can't find how to add fields.