CSS for Calendar Views

Need some help on Calendar views.

I’m currently trying to highlight today’s date by giving it some color.
Adding this to the CSS:

_ .calendar-table-gaia td { _
_     background-color: pink; _
_ } _

will highlight every cell in the calendar, which is not the CSS i need.

I can’t really seem to distinguish today’s cell from the rest with the CSS - is there any way to just have the CSS work on just today’s cell?


Hi Akira

You can change the background color of today’s cell only
by setting your CSS according to an example below:

Example) To make background color of today’s cell pink

 .calendar-today-gaia {
    background-color: #ffefff;

By using lines above, we hope that you can get the expected effect.


Thanks for the advice! Just got round to working on this again, and managed to get it working.

This is calendar plugin. I want to display right cell in case of multi products.

Where can I control product view setting?

Please help me. 

Kind regards. 

Hi tie long

This original question was for the Calendar View , and not about a plug-in.

I think you should look through the page of the company offering this Calendar Plug-in, and ask them for support if in need.