Disable Kintone Keyboard Shortcuts?

Is it possible to disable the Ctrl + S shortcut during the Record Create page or Record Edit page?

Currently, I am under a task that requires me to disable Ctrl + S on certain conditions. I tried to search around StackOverflow about disabling keyboard shortcuts, but in my case, it still saves the record I’m on.

Is there a tricky way to make a record not save immediately after a user press Ctrl + S?
Like validation on a certain field that would be filled after a callback from a method?

Thank you in advance

Hello Afief,

It should be definitely possible using the JavaScript to disable it, but somehow it’s not working as I thought…

I will look into it more; meanwhile, I will just leave some maybe helpful link below about disabling keyboard keys.


Hello Yuzo Arai,

At the moment, I found a tricky way, and that’s by making a validation where a field should not empty (I put an error if that field is empty during app.record.create.submit), and during app.record.create.show, I put something like Field_Element.value = ‘Fill with something’, which means, if that field empty, any save action will resulting a custom error shown to user, and if it’s filled, it will allow user to save (where this field will automatically filled with asynchronous javascript API that I use). As for now this tricky way kinda work for a task that currently I’m developing on (An attendance application using Kintone). Because I tried some way to disable keyboard shortcuts but still able to save.

I appreciate your answer, thank you very much!