Display attached images larger than 500x500 px

Is there a way to display photo thumbnails within a record’s detail view larger than 500 x 500 px?

Kintone’s Attachment field supports thumbnail sizes up to 500 x 500 px.
However, I want a 600 x 600 px or 700x700 px thumbnail size for my App.

Have anyone found a solution or workaround for this?

Hi @ander35

Native Feature Method

With the native feature, you can upload an enlarged file in the Attachment field and paste the preview image of the file into the Rich text field.

If you click on the enlarged file in the Attachment field, you will see an image, which you can copy and paste into the Rich text field.

Please see the below help article for more details:

I would like to add attachments to record comments, “Label” fields, or “Rich text” fields

Customization Method

With customization, you can download a file attached to the Attachment field via the API, retrieve the elements of the Blank Space field, and display the file in the Blank Space field at the desired size.

Please see the following API Docs for more details on this matter.

I hope this helps.

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