Embed chart from one app as iframe on blank space in another app

Hello, friends!

I’m back with another “I am not a real programmer and therefore have questions” issue. We have a KPI graph of our grant applications by status in the grant applications app, and a different app that pulls a print list from multiple apps (applications, deliverables, reports, etc.) as related records for our program directors. What we’d like to do is put the KPI graph at the top of the print list app. I figured I’d be able to put in a blank space and then append the graph url to it, or somehow append the iframe code from the graph page into the blank space, but my lack of experience is leaving me banging my head against a wall. I found the “preview pdf on a blank space” code and am figuring that might work with some tweaks, but I’m honestly not sure how to get from here to there. 

Any ideas?

Hello Meg,

For a graph made within kintone, you can obtain an embed tag of it.
(Please refer to the following link to how to obtain it:)

kintone Help Center - Embedding Summarized Results

Put this tag into the element of a place that you want to show the graph at.
In your case, the element is the following:


If you would to like to put it in a different place, there are some elements listed on the following so please use it if needed:

Kintone JavaScript API List

I hope this helps a little.