Embedding website within a custom view

I am trying to embed a website page within a custom view using an iframe. However, it keeps opening the full page - where I really just want it to open WITHIN the custom view in Kintone (so the end user doesn’t have to go to a different tab). 

Any ideas on how to achieve this or what I’m doing wrong? Settings/ code are down below. 

Hello Heather!

The code seems to be fine and when I tried the same exact code with a different site (eg.https://cybozu.co.jp/) it worked totally fine. So the Fedex page itself seems to be the problem, their site might have some Clickjacking protection.

I hope this helps

Well darn… :((.


That would’ve been such a good solution. :( 

Thanks for your help though!



I think that Yuzo is correct, Fedex has set the HTTP response header “X-Frame-Options” to “sameorigin” (which we can see pop up as an error message in the console) which prevents other domains from displaying their page in an iframe.