Get Kinton app record ID in Zapier

Message: Hi,
In Zapier, Kintone provides five actions: Create Record, Add Comment, Update Record by Update Key, Update Status (of a record), Update Record by Record ID.

Three of those five actions require a Record ID, how do I get a Record ID in Zapier? Preferably, I would like to look up a unique email address in a Kintone app and get the record ID associated with the email.

I tried out the Update Record by Update Key as follows:

  1. Created a field in Kintone (Name: “Email”, Field Code: “email”)
  2. Checked the box labeled “Prohibit Duplicate Values”
  3. Clicked on the “Update App” button.
  4. Went to Zapier.
  5. In an existing Zapier zap triggered by my form submission, I added a new action.
  6. Chose Kintone as the action app
  7. For the action event, I chose “Update Record by Update Key”
  8. When Asked for the account, I chose a Kintone account already associated with the Kintone app I’m testing (I know Zapier is able to connect to this)
  9. Here’s where things get confusing
  10. Under “Set Up Action”, the first field is “Update Key”.
  11. When I click in this field, the only option that the Kintone integration provides is “None”. I was expecting to see a list of all columns from my Kintone app that have Unique Constraints on them.

So at the moment, I am unable to use this action. What am I doing wrong?


Hello Webb!
These are my test results:

-Other than creating a new zap, I did everything that you mentioned.
Result: OK, the field was in the Update Key.

-Unchecked the Prohibit Duplicate Values from the field that was OK in test #1.
-Created another new zap
-Other than the above, I did everything that you mentioned
Result: No, the field was not in the Update Key.

-Rechecked the Prohibit Duplicate Values in the field
-Tried to edit the existing zap that I created in test #2
Result: No, I couldn’t still see the field in the Update Key

-Created another new zap
-No changes on the Kintone app
Result: OK, the field was back in the Update Key, even though I couldn’t see it in test #2, yet I didn’t do anything on the Kintone side.

So, I don’t know why, but the app changes didn’t reflect on the existing Zap unless I made a new one.
Can you create a new zap and see if you can see the field in the Update Key?

Hi Yuzo,

Thank you for the response. Following your suggestions, I was able to see my desired field in the Update Key component, but my test still failed with an “Invalid or Missing Input” error. Here is what I tried.

I deleted the Kintone app I was using for my test.

I made a new Kintone app (Contacts) with 5 simple text fields (First name [first_name], Last Name [last_name], Preferred Name [preferred_name], Phone [phone],  Email [email])

In the Email field, I checked “Required” and “Prohibit Duplicate Values”

I created a new record which includes the email address I am testing

In Zapier I created a new Kintone connection which references my new Kintone (Contacts) app

In Zapier I created a new zap > Kintone

 – Trigger: New Record in Kintone
– Account: A connection that references my Kintone *Payments* app
– (So do something whenever a new Payment record is created)

In Zapier I added an Action to the zap

– Action: Update Record by Update Key in Kintone
– Account: A connection that references my Kintone Contacts app

In Update Key, I did see my Email field listed, so I chose that.

In Update Key Value, I entered the email address I am testing

I filled in all the other fields with sensible data. Made sure the the Email field contained the same address I am testing against.

When I click on “Test and Review” I got an error: “Missing or Invalid Input”

The data sent to Kintone was:

Update Key: Email

Update Key Value:

first_name: Homer

last_name: Simpson

preferred_name: Homie

phone: 123-456-7890



All fields are simple text fields. Not sure if the issue was fixed and this is a new issue, or if I am still working on the original issue :\

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

Hi Webb,

The Missing or invalid input message is an error message from the Kintone side, so these could be the possible cases:

-A null value is entered in the required field.
-The value entered for the selection field does not match the options in the selection field.
-The value entered in the field with “Prohibit Duplicate Values” already exists
-A text value is entered in a number field

Can you check whether any of the above cases applies in either of your two apps?

Hi Yuzo,

The app only has five simple text fields and the only one that is required is the Email field. If I had to choose from your list of possible explanations, I think “The value entered in the field with ‘Prohibit Duplicate Values’ already exists” is the most likely culprit.

But there is a problem with that. I am trying to UPDATE an existing record, using the record’s email field as the update key. In the app, the email field is required.

I guess the next test would be to leave the email field blank in the Zapier action and see if Kintone will accept the data…

Unfortunately, my Kintone trial period has run out and I can no longer do any testing with it. :frowning:

Thank you so much for your help Yuzo. Perhaps this discussion can help others to find the solution.

OK well I guess my trial period has been extended…

It appears that if I make the email field *NOT* required in the Kintone app that I’m updating, then leave that field blank in my “Update Record by Update Key” action in Zapier, then it works.


Create an app in Kintone with a text field for Email.

Check the box labeled ‘Prohibit Duplicate Values’ in the Settings for the Email field, but DO NOT check the box labeled “Required”

Now I can use the “Update Record by Update Key” action in Zapier by leaving the email field blank in the Zapier action.

It’s a decent workaround. I would have liked to make the email field in the Kintone app required, but its not a deal breaker.