trying to connect shelter app to kintone via API. can anyone help me?

i havent tried it before but i heard that its possible but i have no idea how…

our company is using a few apps and two of those apps is called shelter and the other one is kintone.

so what i’m trying to do is that when someone adds a record in a particular app in shelter, is it possible for that record to be automatically recorded in a particular app in kintone? 


Hi Arjay,

I’m not too familiar with Shelter apps, but if there is an event or webhook in your shelter app that can detect when a record is created and then run code, I believe it should be possible. However, we can only answer from the Kintone side and cannot speak for Shelter, unfortunately.

oh ok thank you. so for example if im trying to do the opposite, add a record in kintone then that record could be automatically sent and recorded in another app. how do i do that? thank you for your response.

In that case, this could be done in two ways. 

The first, which does not require coding is by using the service, Zapier.
Zapier is a service that creates integrations between services without coding, and there is a Kintone connector available:

However, the app you would like to connect with Kintone must also have a Zapier connector.
In this case, it looks like Shelter does not.

The second which would require coding is to use a Webhook from the Kintone side.
In this case, you would set the Webhook to trigger when a Kintone record is created and then write a program to send the data from the Kintone record to the other external app.