How do I find out which table row is clicked in Kintone?

I have a Kintone Table with field code “machinelist”.

I want to find out which table row the user clicks. 

Does Kintone Table have built-in function to find out which row is clicked? I tried “rowIndex” but does not work. Please help !!


var t =“machinelist”);

        if (t) {

                if (window.addEventListener) {

                        t.addEventListener(“click”, function () {

                                window.prompt(“testing…” + t.rowIndex);


                } else {

                        t.attachEvent(“onclick”, function () {

                                window.prompt(“testing” + t.rowIndex);




Hi Annaylee,


Could you tell me whether you are trying to see where the user has clicked on a field within the table or on “+/-”?

The processes for both are very different.


Also, getFieldElement is only available in the record detail screen and print screen, so I’m wondering where it’s being processed.


Thank you,