How to add event handler to kintone table?

Every kintone table has a little “+” button at the right side of the table to allow the user to add new rows to the table.

How to add an event handler to the table so that every time a new row is added, I can get a reference to the newly added row and do something about the row?

Does the Kintone table have “addRow” event?

var quotesTable = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[3];
console.log('quotesTable', quotesTable);
 **qutoesTable.addEventListener(); **

Hello annaylee,

The event for the table is the same as other typical fields too.


However, the timing of the event for the Table is:
 when a new row is added to the table
 when a row is deleted from the table

Kintone Developer Program - Record Create Event - Field Change Event

Kintone Developer Program - Record Edit Event - Field Change Event

I hope this helps.