Is It possible to add a new button to a Table in kintone next to "add row" button and add eventListener to it to copy the above record?

Hi I am looking into adding an extra button beside “add row” button call it as “copy button”. Is it possible to create this using some DOM modification and assign an eventListener like “addEventListener(“click”, function (event)”.

  • Can someone share their knowledge or thoughts on how to add this custom button or icon in the table as below image?
  • are there any sample javascript to copy the above record and replicate it?

Appreciate your reply



Hi Anshul,


I believe the below sample can achieve what you are describing.
It adds data into a new row of a table, copies values from other fields in the same App, and adds a button to copy and paste the value.

Add a new data-filled table row:

DOM manipulation could get tricky, and Kintone does not recommend it either. It could stop working after an update.


Could you check this out and see if this helps?