How to add drop-down options?

Hi everybody,

I’m a newbie. I want to add to drop-down options using js. Looking forward to your help!

Hi Vu!

What is your purpose of adding drop-down options using js on kintone?
If you simply want to add it, you can add it by editing the form.

If you are trying to add the drop-down list to places other than the record,
then you will need it to do so with the javascript since it can’t be done with the standard function or feature.
I found an example of how to do so on the following community:
(though the conversation is in Japanese, the user who’s questioning is also trying to create a drop-down through js, but he wants it on the record list page while fetching data from a particular record so this might help you)

I hope this helps

Yuzo Arai


Hi, Yuzo Arai!!

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I’m trying to add the drop-down list to places other than the record.
The example you sent has helped me a lot, and I was able to achieve my purpose.

(I know a little Japanese :D)

Thank you very much.

Vu Chung



I am coming into this and after searching around I did not necessarily find the answer to my question in this response (I think). Basically I have man items that I want my users to choose from. Instead of typing every time into a text box I would like to populate a drop down menu on the form for them to choose the appropriate option. However this may be a dynamic list of items so therefore I would like to create a js code or jsedit (as I am more familiar with that so far) and populate this way so that it is easier to manage, rather than going into the form and typing, clicking, typing and clicking the boxes.

is this possible and how? Basic code example would be very helpful.



Hello Tyler,


There was a similar inquiry to yours in the past and here is the link to the thread of the inquiry.

Take a look and see if it answers your questions.

I hope these steps will help and solve the issues you are having with the drop down.


Here is an additional reference: