How to Convert Numbers to Word?

I want to convert numerical values to text that expresses the value in words. How can I set it up?

For example, if I have the number 105,625, I want to show the text "one hundred five thousand six hundred twenty-five".

You can convert number values to words in various programming languages. The specific method may depend on the language you're using. For instance, in Python, you can utilize libraries like num2words . In JavaScript, you might need to write a custom function. Could you specify which programming language you're working with for more detailed guidance?

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Hello @Narin

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More Information Needed

As @Anna_Watts pointed out, providing context when posting questions is vital so the community can help you.

Please provide the following information to help us better understand your situation:

  • Your desired outcome
  • What you have tried so far
  • Error message you got (Screenshots are helpful :ok_hand:)


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

As @Anna_Watts suggested, you can create a JavaScript customization or plugin to take in the input field's value (Text or Number fields), convert it into written-out text value, and either replace the old value or inject it into an output field (Text field).

To get started on writing out the JavaScript code, you might find this tutorial helpful:


I wrote up this post. Hope it answers your question.

@Genji Thank you very much for the advice.
I'll try to test it.