Convert digit into word

Hi everyone,

How do you convert the numeric results of your calculations when you need the number displayed in words?


Converting a number into words isn’t exactly the most straightforward of tasks, but if anyone knows how to do that, please help me.


thank you …

Hi there.

You may be able to accomplish your needs using the the Text field’s “Calculate Automatically” option, and using the IF function in the formula.

Try this out in your Kintone environment, and if you get stuck, please update us in this thread with the formula and results/errors you are getting.

hi Mr. William …

thanks for your reply.


after i read if function, i dont get want i want. or i just dont understand. i’m sorry,

can u show me simple IF function based on my case ? thank you

Deni, this forum is here so we can learn from each other.

Please first share what you have tried - the following information would help:

  • what fields are you using?
  • what field codes are being used?
  • what does your formula look like?
  • what is the expected result?
  • what is the result you got?

Hello Deni Aldi,

As William mentioned above, please provide more details on your situation and your desired outcome so we can better help you.

Here is a quick demo video to get you started with Kintone’s IF function using the Text field’s “Calculate Automatically” function, as suggested by William.


Text field
IF Function

Data Formatting

DATE_FORMAT(Formula, “Date and time format”, “Time zone”)

DATE_FORMAT(Date, “MMM d”, “system”)

Name&"-"&DATE_FORMAT(Created_datetime, “YYYYMMddHHmm”, “system”)

Price Formatting

IF(Price >= 100, Price/100&" hundred dollars", Price)