How to create tabs with the Multi-Tab Plug-In (Native Kintone Plug-in)?

I have installed the Multi-Tab Native Kintone Plug-in to my Kintone App.

However, I am having trouble creating the tabs.
Does anyone know where I can find documentation for doing this?

Where to get Native Kintone Plug-in Documentation?

The documentation is provided as a PDF when you download the Native Kintone Plug-in from the website.

  1. Visit the Native Kintone Plug-ins page
  2. Select the desired Plug-in. (Ex/ Multi-Tab)
  3. Fill out the form and click Submit
  4. You will be directed to the Kintone Plug-in Gallery for the selected Plug-in

The Kintone Plug-in Gallery page will have the Plug-in File and Tutorial that goes over the installation process and usage steps.

Thank you very much!