Multi Tab Plugin

I installed the Multi Tab Plugin but it only creates tabs in vertical columns. Do I need JS code to have the tabs displayed in a horizontal row? If so, is there someone who can provide a quote to write the JS code? 


Hello David,

To best help answer your questions, we would like more details regarding your situation.

Kintone Developer Program is a great place to get help as you develop your own JavaScript customization or Plug-ins.

Unfortunately, we do not support 3rd party Plug-ins nor offer quotes on JavaScript customization.

Where did you get the Multi Tab Plugin?

If you received the Plug-in from Kintone’s Sales Engineering team, please contact Kintone Support at

If you are interested in developing the horizontal row customizations, here are few Kintone Developer Articles to get you started:

Hopefully this helps!

Hello Genji,

I got the plug from the Kintone Plug-in Gallery. 

I am puzzled why anyone would create a plug-in to create vertical tabs. Tabs are usually placed in a horizontal row. Maybe Kintone can create a plug-in for this. 

I will check out the links you sent me.


Hello David,

I have confirmed with Kintone’s Sales Engineering team that they are more than happy to assist you with your situation regarding the Multi-Tab Plug-in.

Please contact Kintone Support at

Note: I have hidden the Multi-Tab Plug-in download link.

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