Employee Schedule Application


How do I create an Employee Schedule App on Kintone?

What fields and functions should I include?

Are there any recommended Kintone Plug-ins that I can use?

Is there any sample code that I can reference to build out the necessary JavaScript customizations?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Hello @Jayron_Rosel ,

We are more than happy to help debug or improve your existing code. Feel free to post specific questions or problems you have encountered as you are building Kintone customizations.

In this case, follow the template below and provide as much information as possible.

However, for requests on custom JavaScript implementations, please seek advice through the Kintone Partners page.

Developer Question Template

Question / Problem

Got an error message while building a JS customization?

Current Situation

How is your Kintone App configured?
Screenshots of the Error Message are helpful.

Code / Setup

Share your code and Kintone App setup.

Desired Outcome

Screenshots are helpful.


List the tutorials, API docs, & help articles you read.