Schedule App

Has anyone developed a scheduler app or scheduling plugin?  We’re attempting to create a schedule for employees with the ability to notify management if the person is late or a complete no show. 

General concept:  If the record containing the scheduled time does not change to present, we want to send a notification using native Kintone capabilities.  Blocks of time scheduled and every other day are some of the features desired.

Any guidance would be helpful.


You may be able to set notifications by using reminder notifications.

For example, you set a specific date and time field to be updated when you arrive at work and leave from work, and set to notify 15 hours after that field value.

If you leave the office at 18:00 and do not arrive the office at 9 o’clock, you will be notified.

Or by using per record notifications, you can set notifications if the value entered in the arrive time field is later than the normal arrive time.