Kintone App Notification & Date Field Question

Question / Problem

How do you set up a Kintone App notification so it is sent when two or more conditions are met?

Current Situation & Desired Outcome

I need to send a notification if the invoiced field has not been paid within 30 days.
How do I create a way to stop the notification if there is a date in the field which means that it has been paid?

Thank you!


Three types of notifications are available in a Kintone App:

Type Description
General Notifications Notifications can be sent to the specified recipients when operations on the app (such as adding records and posting comments) are performed.
Per Record Notifications If a record satisfies the given condition, notifications are sent to the specified recipients.
Reminder Notifications When the date or date/time in the specified field is close or has already been passed, notifications can be sent to the specified recipients.

Hello @dlively

If you have another date field that describes when it's paid, then you could use that to include in your current notification condition.

Paid Date | not equal to | (Specify date) | Empty

By doing this, it will not notifiy if the date field is filled in.
Could you try this and see if it works?