Setting a Email Reminder Notification - 21 days after payment is received

Problem & Attempt

I am unable to get a Reminder Notification to send any emails.

I have activated them in Feature Activation and added all email addresses in the departments and users section of the Users and System Administration.
The reminder seems simple enough.

Screenshot of Reminder Notifications

Desired Outcome

I want an email notification be sent from Kintone when the following conditions are met in the App:

When the CBCAAA Pmt Received date field equals today, send an email notification 21 days from today.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Hi @dlively

Could you check whether the users who did not receive the email notifications got the β€œTo Me” notification?

Differences between β€œTo Me” and β€œAll” Notifications | Kintone Documentation Site

Also, do you or other users receive any notifications at all?

In case you have not seen the following help page article, I will attach a troubleshooting article. Please have a look.

When you do not receive e-mail notifications | Kintone Documentation Site

I hope this helps.

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