Why don't I receive email notification?

I receive nofitication on kintone when i updated status record, but I have not received email-notification.

when I bulk deleted records, I receive email-notification.

What wrong is this?


Hello Tan,

Based on what you mentioned, it might be possible that
“Notifications to be Notified by E-Mail” in the personal settings is set to “Only To Me.’”

If this is the case, could you change the setting to “All Notifications” and see if that works?

Details about E-Mail notifications can be found on the following pages too:

Kintone - Checking Your Personal Settings about Which Notifications to Be Received by E-mail

Kintone - When You Cannot Receive E-mail Notifications

Thank you,

Thanks Chris, 

I have sent email-notification. After i chose “Send REST API notifications by e-mail” in Feature Activation then email-notification was activated.