Filtering Notification

Hi, I’m Dylan. I’m new to Kintone here. So I just want to ask, is there any way for filtering notification for users, for example by date or by content,… Thanks

Hi Dylan,


With “Per Record Notification” Settings,you can add a trigger to specify certain users to be notified when a specific record is changed. 


The following link will explain how to set up “Per Record Notification”.

▼ Configuring Per Record Notifications 


Please note for the condition of “Per Record Notification” in the “Kintone” app,

if the value of the field already satisfies the condition before you edit the record, it will not be notified even if the condition was met after the record changes.






Hi Junko,

Thank you for your answer. 

There is one more thing I want to know. Is that anyway for me to get a list of all notifications for all user then transfer them into an app? Assume that I have the highest priority to get notifications? (E.g. through API or something like that).



Hello Dylan

Unfortunately, there is no API to do that.
You can try to have all notifications for all user to notify you, but that seems like a disaster…

Hello again,

By the way FYI, there is a feature in kintone that allows you to filter personal notifications.
I will post the link below for your reference.

 Creating Notification Filters