Change the filter condition in certain conditions

Is it possible to change the filter conditions of the Views in certain conditions such as login users’ name ?


Do you mean by filtering the Views such as by records that were created/updated(any field that specifies user) by a specific user?

This is definitely possible by simply editing the Filter as follows:

Eg. Filter: [Created by] [Includes any of] [Username]

Or you can create your own View under the Views tab in the Settings.
For details regarding creating views, please refer to the following help page:

Creating Views - Kintone Help Center

]( hope this answers your question.

Sorry that I didn’t specify well. My problem is that if I create a prompt window for the user to tap in some information whenever the user click into an app, and later I want to add the information to the filter conditions.
For example: if I have already create a filter and the condition is “records date >= today”
And the information I get from the prompt window is Lily (somebody ‘s name )
Than I want to add this information to the filter condition (that is “records date >= today && records name == “Lily”)

Is it possible to do this? I have got the views and the filter title under it , but I found that the type of “title” is 「List 」, and I don’t know how to change the record under every “title “, if the type of “title” is 「Array」then I can trace the record by(for i in records), but I don’t know how to do in 「List」.

Thank you very much!

Hello again.

Have you tried the “GET /records.json” in which you can
retrieve details of multiple records from an app using a query string?

If not, I feel like you can achieve what you are trying to do by utilizing this.

Get Record (GET)

I hope this helps.