How to prevent users from resorting the Kintone App's View?


By default, users can set the order in the Kintone App’s View.

But I want users not to be able to change the record list order in the App’s View.

I want to implement this without coding.
Thank you

Configuring Views for the List of Records - Kintone Help Doc

Hi @unudeveloper

While I am not quite sure what you are precisely trying to do, you can set up permissions for that specific App and limit other users to do certain actions.

Please refer to the following help page for more details.

Configuring Permissions for App

By unticking the “Manage app” checkbox, other users cannot manage the App.

I hope this helps.


Alternatively, if you are willing to code, you can create a Custom View.
By using HTML and CSS, you can create a Record List view with your exact needs.

We have several tutorials here:
Custom View - Kintone Developer Program

We also went over creating a Search Bar in our Build a React Search Bar that Queries a Database! workshop.