Limiting views for an application

I am looking to have views in my application that only a certain number of people that have access to the application would be able to use. 

I contact support and they said there wasn’t a way to set permissions on views but it could work with extra customizations. 

I know through JS you can set permissions on areas within a custom view, but is it possible through code to not display views a user doesn’t have access to?

Hello David,


Kintone does not have a native feature that allows you to set access permissions for the view,

but you can switch the list view with DOM manipulation depending on the user,

or you can leave the list itself displayed, but force a transition to another page.


Customization using DOM operations allows for the display of each “view,” and it is possible to control the hiding.


Therefore, in an event after the record list screen is displayed, depending on the user,

it is possible to switch the display of each “view” according to your needs.


However, when it comes to customization using DOM manipulation, It does not use APIs,

it is program-dependent, and the way it is written in, etc.

Due to the wide variety of reasons, this service is not supported by this office.


Also, if you customize using DOM manipulation,

there is a possibility that it might not work after an update.


Please consider this when using DOM manipulation.


Please take a look at the following pages as they are for you to reference on creating the process

and APIs such as events after displaying the record list screen.


Record List Event:


Get Logged-in User:


Hopefully, this helps.

Hi, Sean Tachibana,

i see the code one

but this Function just get 40 records,

i want to ask you, how i can get the records when i pick some option from listview option, ( if i have 43 records),



The number of records that can be acquired by the event object of a list view event is only the number of records that can be acquired for the number of listed records.


Therefore, since it is displayed with 40 records, you can only get up to 40 records.


So if you can change the number of records displayed to 60 or 100, you will be able to acquire it.


However, if there are more than 100 records, it cannot be displayed, and therefore cannot be retrieved by the event object.


If you need to retrieve more than 100 records, you need to execute REST API “GET” in the event to retrieve the records.


Changing the Number of Records to Be Listed in a View:


hopefully, this helps.