How to prevent plugins from being set to the same custom view?

Hello, I am developing 2 plugins that output to different custom views.

On both plugins’ settings, the user must specify the custom view to which the plugins will output to.

How do I prevent users from specifying the same custom view on the two plugins’ settings?
(The plugins will work on the same view).

Or, how can I configure the plugins so when a custom view is selected, it disables the other plugins that may be using it?

Hi @tuankiet116

Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

You have two different plugins, and I will refer to them as plugin “A” and plugin “B.”
On plugin A’s settings, you wish to make custom view A selectable but not custom view B,
and on plugin B’s settings, enable custom view B to be selected but not custom view A.
In other words, when custom view A is selected, enable only plugin A to execute, and when custom view B is selected, only plugin B can be executed. (disable all other plugins set up)

The following APIs and functions are not implemented in the Kintone API.

・API to retrieve the settings contents of plugins.
・API to check which plugins use which custom views.
・API to disable specific plugins when opening custom views

It is possible to get the View settings by executing the following GET Views API.

Get Views:

Also, you can set the view name and HTML in a custom view.

I think it is possible to set up a view name and HTML specifically for plugin A, execute the
plugin A settings within plugin A’s settings, and then extract only the view specifically for plugin A.

However, when you open the view specifically for plugin A (Custom View A), the plugins that have been set up will all activate, so it seems complicated to operate as you desire.

I can also suggest you consider combining the two plugins into one and changing the process for each custom view you open, as I think this would be easier.

I hope this helps.


I had been thinking about that solutions and I hope that there will be an API in the future to easily disable a plugin that is using the same custom view.

Thank for your help.

I made a selector for users to easily select a custom view from the plugins’ settings.