Update/Increment Config Value Outside Plugin Settings

Hello! I am developing a plugin that places a button on the record list view on my Kintone app. My goal is to increment a “counter” value stored in the plugin’s Config settings after clicking that button. I know that I can easily access the plugin Config with kintone.plugin.app.getConfig(), but I was wondering if I could overwrite/update the Config using a way similar to kintone.plugin.app.setConfig(). I know that I am unable to use this method outside the plugin settings page, but there were other methods listed, such as kintone.plugin.app.proxy() or kintone.plugin.app.setProxyConfig(), that I was wondering if I could use to accomplish this task?

Best Regards,

Chris Krieg

Hi Chris,

kintone.plugin.app.proxy() runs an external REST API from a plug-in and
kintone.plugin.app.setProxyConfig() saves the plug-in configuration settings that can be later retrieved with the kintone.plugin.app.proxy() API

Since there is no “kintone” REST API to save the plugin settings, I don’t think it is possible to update the plugin settings outside the plugin settings screen.

If you want to retain the incremented information, you might need to consider another method, such as using the “POST” record adding process or the “PUT” record updating process to keep the information in the record.

Kintone REST API List:

Hopefully, this helps.