Set Config Plugin JavaScript API doesn't suppport nested object?

Hi there!

I try to make plugin with reading this pages.

In Set Config section, config parameter works in this example.

var config = {
  “key1”: “value1”,
  “key2”: “value2”

but when I change “value1” and “value2” like this, error happens.

Nested object

var config = {
  “key1”: {
  } ,
  “key2”: {
>Uncaught Error: Usage:, opt_callback)

how can I save nested object?

Number Data Type also doesn’t seem to work

var config = {
“key1”: 1,
“key2”: 2
>Uncaught Error: Usage:, opt_callback)

Hello Masa!

It seems like the value only accepts text so it needs to be something like the following:

var config = {

  “key1-1”: “value1-1”,

  “key1-2”: “value1-2”,

  “key2-1”: “value2-1”,

  “key2-2”: “value2-2”


Hi Yuzo Arai:)

>It seems like the value only accepts text
I understand! I use JSON.stringify() when I use nested object.

Thanks <3