Issues with Per-Record Notification

I am having issues with the per-record notification. I have a text field that I want a user be notified if the value in the text field isn’t equal to a series of different values. For example if the value is not equal to US, USA, United States I want to be notified. I have the selected option for OR selected in the settings.

What’s happening is I’m being notified when any entry, including those that I don’t want to be notified on, is being entered.

Hi davidmowry,

I tested it out myself on a test app, and I was able to receive a notification.

Please go to your “Per Record Notifications” settings page first by clicking on the gear-shaped icon > “App Settings” tab > “Per Record Notification” under Notifications.

Then, set up the “Notification Trigger” like below by clicking the small “Add” button;

Text(drop down) ≠(not equal to)(drop down) United States(blank text box) +×
Text(drop down) ≠(not equal to)(drop down) USA(blank text box) +×
Text(drop down) ≠(not equal to)(drop down) US(blank text box) +×

Then add yourself and other users you wish to receive notifications by clicking the “Add user, group or department.”

Please make sure to click on the blue “Save”(upper left of the screen) and then “Update App” on the top right corner to save the configuration after you are done.

Also, keep in mind that notifications are not sent to the following users:
A user who processed the record and a user who does not have view permission for the app or records.

Per Record Notifications: Setting up Notifications Sent When a Record Meets a Certain Condition:

I hope this helps.

In my testing, i have setup both as one trigger with each statement in that one trigger and separate triggers, i was still notified even when the field had one of the entries.

I went back to the following setup, based on your feedback, but i’m not convinced this will work:

This might be easier if anyone has any idea on how to make the field a drop down and retrieve a list of countries through an API call to something free that I don’t have to maintain.

I just got a notification with this configuration in place. The country used was USA, which based on the per-record configuration, i should not have gotten notified on.

I solved my issue, I had set the “Any conditions are met” value on my setup assuming that if any of the above conditions are met, don’t set me the email.

But, it appears that is not how the logic works. It has to be “All conditions are met”. I don’t believe the logic is correct for this, but having figured out my issue, i’m good now.

I figured this out by creating a filter and setting the two different values.

Thanks for the help.

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