Can I conditionally automatically have Notifications turned off?

I have set reminder notifications at 30 days before & 7 days before & the day of, to remind the person who is responsible to complete the design phase of our projects at certain dates. Because we have multiple processes running in parallel we use fields to indicate status for these processes.

If that person completes their task and switches the dropdown field value from ‘in process’ to ‘done’ 25 days before the task is due, where’s the js function to enable the reminder notifications at 7 days and the day of not to fire off?

Hello Dave!

You don’t need to use a js function for this. You just need to setup the Reminder Trigger in addition to your reminder notification. In your case, set it like below:

Reminder Triger
 “Status” field | =/ (not equal to) | Done |

To add the Reminder Trigger, click on “New Trigger” under “Reminder Trigger” below where you set the “When” part of your notification.

FYI, th reminder settings can’t be touched with Javascript API.

ahh, OK, great! I didn’t see the Add Trigger before. That solves it. Thanks again!