Automated Actions?

I know triggers can be set for notifications, but is there any way to automate the kinds of things that Actions can do?


I have a calendar application (in Kintone). The records contain start date/times and end date/times for each event.

What I’d like to do is, at the end of each event, a new record regarding attendance and such is created in another app. I have an action button for creating the new record now, but would would love to automate that bit so these new records are created automatically. Then I’d like to set a notification on the new record created to be sent to the person responsible for the event (I got the notification part down).

Any suggestions?

Hey James!

It is possible to add records using API, but there is no function to run actions or API processes periodically in Kintone.

For right now, I haven’t tried it, but using 3rd party services like Azure might help you what you want to do:


 Kintone Developer Program - Schedule cron jobs with Azure Functions


 Kintone Developer Program - Get record data with Azure Functions


I hope this helps.

Hi James,

As Yuzo has said, it looks like you’d need something to run a cron job that checks daily whether the end date is equal to today or not. I’ve personally set up something similar using Windows Task Manager (a cron job scheduler) to run a node.js program daily that checks whether AAAA has met BBBB conditions or not. You could do the same, but checking whether the date in the end date field is equal to today or not. If true, use the Add Record REST API to create a new record in the other App with the appropriate defaults. 

Good luck!

Cool. Since Kintone can do automated notifications based on date/time, I didn’t know if an automated action was also available. Yeah, I’ll see if I can set up some kind of API action.