Can I create automated business logic in the process management?

I am trying to move my preset process management workflow from one step to the next automatically when a value in a field is changed or updated in a record – can I do that?

Hello Dave,

Yes you can certainly do that by using the API that would update the Status of one or mutliple records.

You will need to create a process that would send the API request whenever the field you are going to make it as a trigger is updated at the event of saving a record.

The following page explains about how to update the Status using the API:

I hope this helps your question!

As Yuzo has stated, you would need to trigger the code when you save your record. The app.record.create.submit.success event and app.record.edit.submit.success are events that are triggered when a record is saved.

Here is an example of running some code when something is saved:[‘app.record.create.submit.success’, ‘app.record.edit.submit.success’], function(data) {
        if (data.record.numberfield.value == 10){
        window.alert(“We detected a value of 10!”)
_         } _

That’s great. Thanks, Yuzo and Akira