Process Management - Records Affecting Each Other


I know this page is useful to conditionally change the status of one particular record using REST API - However, I am interested in the possibility of having something in one particular record (status change, field change) change the status of another record in the same app (or a different app, if that is what is more doable). Does anyone have any experience with this?

Hello Brian!

By using the “app.record.edit.submit.success” event (written in the URL below), you can make a script to run upon when record is edited and saved. At that event, it will determine which record to update using the data of saved record, which is stored in the Event Object. Then you will just need to use the API to update record status.

 kintone Developer Network - Record Edit Event page
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Just for your information, if you are planning to have a record updated in different app (let’s call it App B) when a record in app (App A) is edited and saved, you must have the following data in App A:
 1)App B’s App ID
 2)App B’s Target Record’s ID or Unique Key

I hope this answers your question!

Hi Yuzo,

Yes, it does! Thank you! I will try this out.