Problem Updating Process Management Status via REST API

I’m having some problems updating statuses in my records.

I’m using a modified REST API to do my calls, which works very well for everything else, but whenever I update my status, I get an error message CB_HM01.

The message reads, “The specified method is not allowed”.

I know I have to use the name of the next action in the sequence, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The full body string is

"app":8, "id":10564, "action":"KP Design In Progress"

According to the process management system, that is the name of the action I need, but it will not do anything more than tell me that the specified method is not allowed.

Any help would be appreciated; thanks!

Hi @ Alastor_Bloode

At this moment, it is difficult to determine what is causing this error.

It would be helpful if you could share your whole request body.
The “full body string” you provided would be the contents of the string.

Also, please specify the HTTP method when executing kintone REST API.
*CB_HM01 error occurs when an unavailable HTTP method is specified in the API to be executed
*The HTTP method must specify PUT

Could you kindly check to see if the appropriate method is specified? Please share your code if the issue persists.

I hope this helps.