Kintone notification bulk process

Hi All,

We have a case that the Manager need to approve all records assigned to him from certain application. He could access all records from Assign to Me area in the kintone portal. Unfortunately the record status in the notification area is still “unread” even though the records status has been change. He need to go through manually on each notification so the status change to “read”.

Second case we have implemented bulk process in the index page of the application (Record List Event) for bulk process update record status. After finished bulk process, the manager still need to update manual the record status in the notification area.

We have check the documentation for custom it from JS but couldn’t find any clue. 

Is there any way to bulk process update notification from unread to read by using the bulk process checkbox?




Kintone Developer Program Admin here.

Sorry, I went ahead to edit the screenshot to sensor out what looked like customer names.


Hello Yosafat,


Unfortunately, you can not make the changes for all of the notifications at the same time, all at once. You need to go through it manually on each notification.

There are no API for notification settings, therefore, you have to change it to “read” one by one.

Hi Sean,

Well noted, I understand.
Thank you for your confirmation.