How to add a field for email notification?

Is there a way to add a field in an email reminder notification?

This would help our users identify the record being referenced.

For example, if I could add the address field to the reminder notification, the agents would immediately know which record is being referenced.

Thank you

Hi @dlively ,

You can change the title field section of the email subjects.

The email notification’s subject is in a fixed format.

For example, if it’s an email notification sent when a record is created, the subject is in the following format:

[Kintone] [app name] "title field" - Record added

The title field, also known as Record Title that you see in the above example, can be changed to a specific field.

For more information, refer to the Setting Title Field article on the Kintone Help site.

Formats for other events are listed here.

E-mail Notification Subject - Kintone Documentation Site

I hope this information helps.

@Sean_Tcbn , Thank you very much for the information!