Custom Notifications

Is there a way to customize a notification with form data? For example, I would like to include some form data (like a shipping tracking number) in the email notification when the process is completed (status is “project completed”). I only see a way to include a predefined summary in the email. 

Thank you

Hi Diana,


There are features such as Zapier/Webhook available.

It can be used to connect/integrate to services outside of Kintone.




Send emails from Kintone records with Gmail and Zapier:


Also, just an FYI, you can change the title field section of the email subjects.


The subject of an email notification is in a fixed format.

For example, if it’s an email notification sent when a record is created,

the subject is in the following format:


[Kintone] [app name] “title field” - Record added.


The title field, also known as Record Title that you see in the above example, can be changed to a specific field.


Kintone Help - Setting the Record Title


Formats for other events are listed here.


Kintone Help - Email Notification Subjects:


Hopefully, this helps.

Thank you, I’ll check into the webhook option. I’ve looked into/implemented the other options previously but they don’t fit this scenario, unfortunately.