Dev tool Errors

I am trying to clean up some errors in my code.
I cannot tell where these errors are coming from. I can’t tell if the errors are from a plugin developed by Kintone, a plugin developed by a partner, or a JS file. I am very new to coding and need assistance finding a solution. Thank you.

Hello @Caneel1,

Welcome to the Kintone Developer Forum & thank you for posting your question!

To better help you out, please provide more information regarding your current situation, question, and desired outcome.

In the specific Kintone App that you are debugging,
which Native Kintone Plug-ins are you using?
what other plug-ins are you using?

Also, would you mind sharing the JavaScript file you are trying to debug?

:zap: Debugging Tips

  • We highly recommend you first develop and debug a Kintone Customization on a Kintone Subdomain separate from your main, corporate subdomain.
  • Please try removing the JavaScript file that you are debugging from the Kintone App to see if the error messages appear because of the Plug-ins.

For additional debugging tips, check out our Debug with Developer Tools article.