how to increase efficiency of debug

When I debug my JavaScript customize, I did

  1. coding JavaScript
  2. Upload JavaScript on app settings and Update app
  3. debug by Chrome DevTools.

Even if there were few mistakes, I have to reupload my JavaScript…

so are there any IDE or something in kintone?

I’m in trouble with this problem…

You can utilize the folder sync function in Dropbox to efficiently debug the JavaScript in kintone.

 1)Get an account from Dropbox
 2)Install Dropbox client to your computer
 3)Create your kintone customization javascript file on Dropbox
 4)Obtain the Dropbox URL of your kintone customization javascript file
  (The following page explains you how to obtain Dropbox link of a file:
 5)Convert your file URL to downloadable URL by adding “dl=1” to the URL as a query parameter
  (The following page shows you how to do so:
 6)Specify the converted URL on the “JavaScript and CSS Customization” page in kintone and apply the changes to app.

Now with the Dropbox client installed to your computer and settings applied, you can just edit the javascript file in the local Dropbox folder, which will automatically sync the file everytime after you save and then immediately applies the script to your kintone app.

I hope this helps you!

Wow, I actually didn’t know about that. Great tip. Thanks, Yuzo!

>Yuzo Arai

I’m sorry I missed your comment…

It works out! Thank you so much!