Kintone API Error Code Handler

Is there a publicly available list of Kintone API's error codes?

Hi, I have a Kintone customization that needs to handle possible errors thrown by Kintone API calls.

I do not know where to find the documents regarding error messages and error codes. Please help me; I do not want to type the error codes manually. Ideally, I would like a list of all the possible error codes that Kintone APIs can throw back in order to build the error handler.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @tuankiet116 , good question.
I will look into this and get back to you on this thread.

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Kintone does not have a publically available list of Kintone API error codes / messages.

Hey @tuankiet116 , sorry to report that we do not have a list of the error codes publicly available. I am afraid you are going to have to build it manually.

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Thank you for your support! But do you know any convenient way I can list all error codes with no missing?

Hello @tuankiet116 ,

Regrettably, there isn't a straightforward method to compile all error codes.

As you're likely aware, when an error occurs, a response similar to the following is returned:

  "message": "Invalid JSON string.",
  "id": "1505999166-897850006",
  "code": "CB_IJ01"

To compile a list, you will need to manually record the error responses like the one above.

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