How to deploy apps from dev account?

I am developing an application on developer account.

How do I deploy the app to the client account?

Is there any tools like gusuku that is introduces in Japanese site?

Or is there a way to do it manually without using tools?

Hi Mo,

You can do this manually by exporting the template, and importing it into another sub domain


Thank you for your response.

So, I figured out as follows:

  1. Go to “kintone administration”

  2. Select “App templates”

  3. Click “New”

  4. Select the app to add

  5. Click “Export”

  6. Select the app to export and create the zip file

  7. log-in to client’s subdomain

  8. Import the app from the “kintone administration”

Will it do it?


Hello Mo!

Like Brian said, you can do this manually by exporting and importing the template.
The procedure is shown in the following page:
-Importing an App Template
-Exporting an App Template