How to set focus on a field of the row after the new row is added to the table ?

I have an event listener function that will add a row to the front of the table when clicked. How to set focus to the ‘notes’ field of the new row after it is added to the table?

trs[i].addEventListener('click', function (event) {
  var record =;
  var newRow = {
    value: {
      "company": { type: "SINGLE_LINE_TEXT", value: this.children[0].innerText },
      "modelno": { type: "SINGLE_LINE_TEXT", value: this.children[1].innerText },
      "serialno": { type: "SINGLE_LINE_TEXT", value: this.children[2].innerText },
      "notes": { type: "SINGLE_LINE_TEXT", value: "" }
  // Set focus on 'notes' field ??