first, im not programmer. so pleas guide me how to implement my case.

so, i have “PART” and “SERVICE” app. every data ini part menu have status “Active” or “Not Active”.

in SERVICE app, i have 2 drop down select. first drop-down select have 2 option, “Active” and “Not Active”. if i choose “Active”, the second drop-down select will only showing data from PART menu with status “Active”. 

how can it be implemented with javascript. i dont have basic js skill, please help me with this case. thank you so much 

Hello Deni,


With what you have described, I think it is possible without using JS and with the lookup function.

This function helps users enter information efficiently by referencing information that is stored in other apps.


The following help pages describes how to set up a Lookup field and specify the initial filter setting.

The filter setting will be displayed to help users select a record appropriately.

From the dropdown, select a field to which the condition is to be applied, and then specify the filter condition.


Procedure to Set Up a Lookup Field:


Using Lookup:


Hopefully, this helps.


Hello Sean,

Tahnk you for the answer. But im still confuss, how to connect lookup function with my drop-down select. In lookup configuration doesn’t have filter that Showing data equal to or depends what value from my drop-down select.
Thank you …

Hello Deni,

Let me first tell you that it will require a deep understanding of Javascript to accomplish your goal. Since you’re not a programmer, the best thing you can do with the native feature is: (make sure to first setup the lookup field in your Service app that connects with your PART app)

  1. Setup the Initial filter setting in your Lookup field to the Dropdown list from your PART app. Select “includes any of” and both “active” and “inactive.”
  2. Save the settings and update the app
  3. Upon creating a record, select Lookup on your Lookup field.
    All the data from the other app will show up. The list will include data with both Active and Inactive Status from your PARTapp.
  4. Click on the filter icon on the top
  5. Under the filter section, you should see the settings that you did in Part 1. In this part, select either Active or Inactive only.
    If you choose Active and click on apply, the data with Status Active will show up. Vice versa for Inactive.

I hope this helps.