How to use Webhook for my own server without use zapier or microsoft flow

Hi there,

I have some problem when using webhook

I need to use my own api for webhook from my server instead of use service like zapier or microsoft flow

But when i put my api to webhook, it didn’t request to my api and i don’t know why 

Then i try to use zapier instead but zapier only listening to add records event
And i need another event too (like update, delete, comment) 

Can you guy help me please.

Thank you,

Hello Minh,

I am assuming that at the Webhook setup screen, you set up the URL of the API provided by your server as “Webhook Endpoint”
but that did not work.

Later you use Zapier for “Webhook Endpoint” instead and the only add records event works fine,
so I think you set up Webhook correctly.
What I am concerned is you selected other events, such as Record is edited/deleted/Comment is posted, at Webhook setup and saved the setting,
but maybe you have not updated the app -clicking “Update App” at the end.
Also, you might want to check the “Webhook Execution Log” about the situation. If there is no log, you may have forgotten to update your app settings.

•Setting up a Webhook

•Webhook Execution Log

I hope it helps.

Thank you.


Hi Junko,

Thank for you reply,

My webhook is working perfectly.

I missed to remove checking csrf token in my laravel app …