Import Data with user lookup

I want to import training records for our employees. 

I am using the User Lookup to link the records to the employee database. 

The import feature isn’t recognizing the data in the lookup cell. 

Each employee will have at least 10 training records I will import for each. Currently, I am using the ‘category’ function as the name of each training course. 

The feedback i get is this - 

GAIA_IL16: The value of field “Employee Lookup” at row 2 of the file is invalid. The field may have the “Required field” or “Prohibit duplicate values” options turned on. If the field type is a Drop-down or a Radio Button, the value may not match the options included in the field settings.

but when i Untick “Prohibit duplicate values”  the file imports but the lookup field is empty in Kintone. the support page doesnt have enough information to explain the use of the lookup tool when importing. 

Hi Hannah,

Please note that only when the field that is specified as the “Key Field” is “prohibited from duplicating values” you can import values from a file to a lookup field.

Would you please correct me if I am wrong? Are you trying to import data from a CSV file?
If so, it would help to provide a screenshot of the screen you see the error message, the CSV file you are trying to import, and the app’s template that the error is occurring.

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