How do I Send data using Lookup

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How do I Send data using Lookup ?

I have a problem. Currently, lookup only works to retrieve data but cannot send data. How do I send data in a different application using lookup?

Hello @hah_hah

When you mentioned sending data using lookup, are you referring to editing the data source field linked with a lookup field? Could you provide more details about your goal? The more information you provide, the better I can assist you.

Thank you for your attention.
After I input data in the lookup, how do I edit it? The column cannot be edited.

After editing, I want to save and update the original data.

Hello @hah_hah,

You cannot edit the data directly from the app with the Lookup field.

Firstly, a "Lookup" field is designed to reference and retrieve (copy) record data from a different app. Therefore, you need to inspect your lookup field to determine which app it is set to retrieve data from. Once you identify the relevant app, you can proceed to edit the data within that app.

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Thank you for your response.

Is there another way to edit data in a different Kintone App (besides using the Lookup field)?

Something like this:

Hello @hah_hah ,

I'm not entirely clear on your objective here, but if you're facing an issue where updating the original data in the lookup field doesn't automatically update the linked data, you might find the following plugin to be the most efficient solution:
Re-Lookup Ver. 1.6.0

If this doesn't address your needs, could you provide more details about your goal?

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