is it possible to start "Auto Number" at a different number?

we use sequential numbers as our “stock numbers”, we will import our old records from Excel and want to start off in Kintone with new stock numbers.  

Hello Mike!

I believe we are talking about the “Record Number” here.
Unfortunately, you can’t change the start number of “Record Number” even with the Javascript customization.

I recommend using fields other than the “Record Number” field to assign a custom format of sequential number with designated starting number, using the Javascript customization.

The following pages explain about how to create sequential numbers from fields other than the “Record Number” field. Even though the pages are in Japanese, you might be able to understand the code part in the pages.

  ▼ Automatically assign a sequential number and add record
  ▼ Automatic sequential number by customer
  ▼ Automatic sequential number by year

I hope this helps.