Lookup and check box fields

Hello. I am making an Emergency Evacuation Roll Call (Evacuation) App.

Question / Problem

I am trying to find a way to have a lookup of employees in one building and then a Check box field for each employee to be marked as “present”.

I wanted to do a Lookup table so that HR could edit the employees and their building easier. But a lookup table would not let me generate checkboxes.

Desired Outcome / Expected Behavior

My goal is to have a record per building in the Evacuation app.

Inside the records, the HR will enter the evacuation information:

  • Evacuation date
  • Evacuation reason
  • Checkbox per person (who was present in the building during the emergency or drill).

It cannot be a table because it is too easy to delete a row/employee from the table (especially from the mobile app).

Any ideas on how I could do this?

Thank you!

Hi @bgrassinger

In the Lookup field, it is possible to copy the values of the Checkbox field with the “Field Mappings.”

So you may copy the value of the Checkbox field, but if you do not wish to use a table, do you want to place a field for each user?

I am having trouble understanding the "a Check box field for each employee to be marked as “present.” part.

Also, placing a field for each user is too challenging to operate.

I feel using a Related Records field is more suitable in this case.

Related Records Method

However, suppose you are ok with the Related Record field process.

In that case, you will need to consider creating multiple Apps that register records for each piece of information, such as an Attendance Management App.

Something like the following:

Evacuation App

A Lookup field for the building records, a Date field, and a Text field to combine the date and building records using the DATE_FORMAT and the Related Records that use the Attendance App as the Datasource App and to display the employee records.

Attendance App

For the date, two different Lookups for the employees and the buildings.

Also, a Text field to have the DATE_FORMAT formula to combine the date and building records.

Employee App

For the employee records and a Check box to indicate whether they were present.

Building App

For all the building records.


Please refer to the following help pages for the above matter.

If you have different apps already created, please share the App form via screenshots and provide more information/details on how they work.

I hope this helps.